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We have a WINNER! Pet Photo Contest Results

We received many submissions for the pet photo contest ranging from turtles to big bulldogs and everything in between! We decided we couldn't just pick two finalists, so we let our Instagram and Facebook audiences vote for their favorite pet. The votes overwhelmingly went to ZOE! Zoe is a senior Poodle mix that was adopted from the Bloomfield Shelter 12 years ago. She was living in the street when they picked her up as a stray. She is super smart, loves to swim, and loves playing in the snow. She is obviously very photogenic, as well. Congratulations to Zoe and her mom Helaine, we hope you love your free food!

In second place we have Albus and Belle. Albus is 6 years old and Belle is 8 months old. Albus's hobbies include farting, very short walks around the block (he refuses to go more than 8 houses away from his own) and perking up when he hears the words "biscuit" and "cheese". Belle's hobbies include farting (it's a bulldog thing), sleeping on your shoulder blade even though she's approaching 40 lbs, getting in your grill so that you can't telework, and annoying the crap out of her older brother. They seem like quite the duo! Thank you to their mom Jennifer for submitting them.

And in a very close third place, Nora. Nora is a rescue from the south who has lots of energy for a 10 year old little lady. We just thought her bunny ears were absolutely adorable! Thank you to her mom Corinne for this wonderful submission.

Thank you to EVERYONE who submitted a photo of their pet. We loved reading about each of them so much! Keep an eye out for more contests and giveaways in the future (;

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