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Our Story


I always think of my children as my angels. When my oldest daughter Nicolette came to me at ten years old with her teary eyes filled with sadness in 2012 and told me that she no longer wanted to eat meat because of her love of animals and fear for the future, I first thought it was ridiculous. Yet, as a parent, I had no choice but to adapt my cooking to make plant-based meals so that she could enjoy them at dinner time.  As she got older, her younger sister Adia and their cousin Niu Niu expanded their educational pursuits into concerns for the environment and the sustainability of our planet. Their persistence convinced me to look into it, and their concerns became my concern. If we don't do something about it, they may not have a livable planet, which is real! Over time, I became passionate about plant-based food, and the best part is that plant-based food is good for our bodies as well; however, the available choices are limited if I don't have time to make dinner myself.  Our family lived in China for four years, we were fortunate enough to travel throughout Asia, and we found it easier to eat more plant-based meals in Asia because Asian cuisines are rich in flavors, fresh, Non-GMO, and healthy in ingredients.  If you want to eat well without meat, it can be done! 

During the pandemic in September 2020, I had the time to work with the Rutgers Food Innovation Center and turned our creations of plant-based Asian cuisine recipes into products and launched Angel Planet Foods in the Fall of 2020. In Winter of 2020, we begin to sell products at Summit and Montclair Farmers Market and developed a loyal customer based.  In January 2023, Angel Planet Foods partnered with Rainforest Distribution and launched into retail stores. Now Angel Planet Foods is available at 160+ stores in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Masecuset, Pennsylvanian and Virginia. To find a store near you 


Our team is made of talented and innovative culinary professionals who have years of experience in plant-based Asian cuisines. When you try our products, you will find that our divinely tasty plant-based dinner products made with all-natural, 100% plant-based, gluten free and Non-GMO ingredients will give you a fresh and healthy experience, and you will come back for more. 

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Zheng Song Decker


Angel Planet Foods 

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