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Meet the Team

Angel Planet Foods is all about teamwork and passion for delicious and creative plant-based foods. We love making food and we have fun while doing it!

Origin Story

Angel Planet Foods was founded by Zheng Song in September of 2020 with the help of Archana Shroff. Inspired by her daughter who is vegan, she developed this company in order to meet the demand for healthy plant-based prepared meals that are good for the body, mind, and environment. Zheng grew up in China and moved to the United States for college. She then moved back to China for 4 years with her family where she discovered that eating plant-based was easier and tastier in Asian cuisines. When she returned to New Jersey, she fell in love with her friend Archana's homemade Indian food and her creativity in other Asian vegetarian cuisines. Thus, Angel Planet Foods was born with a plant-based product line inspired by her vegan daughter and Indian, Chinese, and Korean cuisines.

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