Tomatoes with eggs is a one of the most popular household dishes in China, as it is a simple comfort food. With chewy glutinous rice cakes, fresh tomatoes, and organic eggs, it might remind you of a lovely tomato rice pasta or a favorite egg and tomato breakfast dish. Flavored with gluten free soy sauce, organic maple syrup, salt, and scallions, it offers a perfect relaxing lunch or quick dinner on a fine spring day.


This product is freshly made weekly, and vacuum sealed to preserve freshness and good for two weeks. No preservatives are added.

Tomato Eggs Rice Cake

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  • Rice cakes, tomato, organic eggs, sunflower oil, organic maple syrup, gluten free soy sauce, salt, and scallions. 

    Contains: Egg, Soysauce

    High Protein Ingredient: Egg