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Mu Shu Wrap is a well-known dish in Chinese cuisine. Our vegan version of Mu Shu Wrap is gluten free using double-layered rice paper from summer rolls. It contains a mix of stir fry vegetables, mushrooms, and plant-based proteins. It is flavored with our gluten-free dark sauce and wrapped on a bed of avocado. Our delicious and healthy Mu Shu Rice Paper Wraps are filling and perfect for working-day lunches and they will make your co-workers envy. You can consume as is or dip in balsamic vinegar to be extra tasty. 

Mu Shu Rice Paper Wrap - 9oz

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  • Rice Flour, Cabbage, Carrots, Textured Soy Protein, Pea Protein, Shitake Mushroom, Tamari, Sunflower Oil, Sugar, Rice Vinegar, Garlic, Ginger and Salt.

    High Protein Ingredients: Soy, Mushroom

    Contains: Soy


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