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Healthy food. Selection of good carbohydrate sources, high fiber rich food. Low glycemic i

Angel Planet


100% Plant-Based, Gluten-Free
All-Natural or Organic
Convenient Ready-to-Eat Meals
Delivered to Your Door in Millburn, NJ!

The best vegan meal plan in Millburn Township! 

Angel Planet Foods makes 100% plant-based, healthy and tasty meals that allow you to reduce meat consumption with pleasure.

While keeping the flavors and textures of the traditional meals, we transform time-honored foods from the past to the future that are sustainable for your health and the planet. We push plant-based food innovation to new heights with our unmatched culinary expertise and cultural experience by recreating traditional Asian and American dishes with all-natural or organic ingredients.

Angel Planet Foods amazes you with tasty meals that bring you closer to your best self and mother nature.  Try it,  you will know!  

Popular Dishes

Fresh Vegetables
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"I love that the food is delicious, healthy, and environmentally friendly. And I love getting it delivered each week! It's so convenient. I love having a stash in the freezer for my 17-year-old vegan daughter so she always has something to eat. The protein content of the meals is fabulous and I know my daughter is getting the proper nutrition In her meals. IT'S THE BEST!" 



"We ate the vegan meatballs and spaghetti for dinner tonight and it was amazing. The meatballs were savory and filling and the spaghetti was light and delicious. Ten out of ten!"

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"I had to write and tell you how unbelievable the Katsu Tofu dinner was. I am not the biggest tofu lover and the way that you prepared it was absolutely delicious. And the sides, especially the potato/carrots was equally incredible. I cannot wait to order it again! And tomorrow, the meatballs!"

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Frequent Customer

"I love Angel Planet Foods because the food feels so fresh, and I eat a lot more vegetables than I usually do, and actually feel full afterward"

Angel Planet Foods Featured at Incubator Village NYC!